My Procrastination is Killing me

December 2013, 23rd. 5:10 PM

Two hours before, I invited my lil’ bro to the movies so I bought the tickets through the Cines Unidos’ iPhone app; at the same time, my bf asked me if I could bring him something to eat, he forgot his lunch at home.

«Is December, highways are empty and I think I can go to the nearest Quiznos that is about 10 km away from home, wait for the order, drive another 10 km to the hospital (where he works), be the best boyfriend, return home, pick up my brother and drive 10 km  again to the cinema… in an hour and a half», I thought

I almost got it… The order took longer than I expected and there was a lot of traffic on a couple blocks away to the hospital…
I should have taken my car to the mechanic two month ago when I realized that the braking system wasn’t working as it should be…
I was being late so I decided to drive faster… After an unexpected small incident in the highway, I reduced my speed and I thought that I’m already late anyway so lets drive carefully, 5 minutes later, a car trying to evade a motorcycle, changed unexpectedly his channel to the one where I was driving without using his rear mirror, he didn’t notice me… I pushed the brake to the bottom but the braking system wasn’t working very well…
Perfectly, a situation that could be evaded… But I procrastinated what is my responsibility as a driver. Now, I don’t have a car anymore.
December 2013, Unknown date. Unknown time.
By July 15, I should have been receiving my MSc in Computer Science degree, nevertheless, I’m still developing my thesis at a very, very slow speed…

«Javier is fooling around with his own academic responsibilities» my tutor said to my boss, who happens to be my friend aswell.

«I’ve been doing my postgraduate final work for two years because I hate studying and I hate reading, but you don’t… You don’t need a postgraduate to be noticed in here, everybody knows that you’re committed with your work and they know your name, but those that have finished their postgraduate program have a salary that is 3 or 4 times ours». He said

I already have two published papers about my thesis… So, why I just don’t code for two weeks, write the remaining 20000 words, and finish it? Instead of that, I spend my free time reading my stupid not filtered twitter TL and playing Pokémon on my 3DS.
It is said that money doesn’t by happiness, but it certainly helps to live better. But further of that, the personal satisfaction of achieving previously proposed goals, is not buyable, nor can be achieved and felt by somebody else but you.
I shouldn’t be procrastinating my personal success… The younger I could achieve it, the more I will enjoy it, the more I will take advantage of it.
Everybody procrastinate, everybody has the right to do with their time what they think is better for them, my personal problem is that I tend to do stuff that I know will take me nowhere… I won’t say it will stop right now, but I can tell that now I’m more aware of that and controlling it =)
Final thought: Playing Pokémon 3Ds >  any other digital recreational activity
¡Hasta luego!

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