What is your aspiration in life? Types and levels of happiness?

This December, 2013, has been filled with many personal emotions, successes, and as usually, lot of thinking.
This blog starts today because after about 15 years trying to know what is my thing, and a bunch of signs telling me that I’m following the correct path, sometimes there are these moments and situations, that make you rethink it… And I just want to document them… That, and of course, those silly or professional things that I also would be glad to share…
Some bloggers may write the titles of their posts after writing the post itself. I choose this title listening «Pretty Hurts» by Beyoncé (another December’s surprise, right?) when she is asked about what are her aspirations in life… She says that she wants to be happy.
I don’t see happiness as an utopic thing. Nevertheless, I don’t feel myself completely happy… I don’t even know if there are levels or types for happiness, but If I’d have to measure it, I’d start  measuring each type of happiness and calculate an average (scientist’s logic!).
I don’t remember if I read this, or if I listened it somewhere but happiness can be measured with the following self-explaining formula:

Happiness = Reality – Expectations

I’ve identified in my life five types of happiness, perhaps I identified only five because they’re my major concerns. In any case, they would be around…

Professional Happiness > 50%

Health Happiness > 90%

Love Happiness > 80%

Familiar Happiness > 75%

Material Happiness > 75%

I’m around 74% happy…

Professional Happiness is the lowest, nevertheless, If I see it objectively, I’ve archived lot of things compared to many people in the same political, geographical, social and economical context where I am.

But at the same time, I’ve archived less things than people who was in my context and now is in another (a better one), they just moved on to another country, they took some risks that I didn’t. Risks that if I happen to take them, they may reduce the level of my other types of happiness. Perhaps they were in the same situation, perhaps they just had to prioritize their types of happiness and sacrifice some of them. I can’t tell…

But I can tell that I’m not in a stalled situation, I’m aware of my levels of happiness and I know I want to increase them. It wouldn’t be fair to myself if I «downgrade» my expectations…

I just have to change my current reality =)

¡Hasta la próxima!

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